6 questions home sellers should ask before hiring a real estate agent

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It is important to hire the right real estate agent when selling a home for the first time. Inexperienced home sellers have only one thing on their mind: How much will they get for the property? However, there are many important questions beyond this obvious one. Don’t be swayed by appearance or your gut feeling. Here are seven questions you should ask an agent before hiring him or her:

·      You should know how much commission you will pay. Some agents charge a hefty commission that will cut into your profits big time. It can be up to 6 percent of the sales price. So if your home is sold for $300,000, you will pay your agent $18,000. Here at Federated Realty, we charge $1,000, no matter what price your home is sold for.

·      You should ask your agent about their job experience. Sellers should look for agents with enough sales under their belts to comfortably handle deals from listing to closing.

·      You should ask your agent what method he or she will use to determine the listing price. Your agent should be able to conduct comparative market analysis (CMA) to come up with a fair asking price.

·      You should ask how your agent will market your home. Marketing plays a big role if you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Most buyers find their home through online listings. Make sure the agent you hire uses quality photos for the online listings.

·      Make sure there won’t be any conflict of interest. Most agents work on either the sell side or the buy side, but some agents do both. It can create a conflict-of-interest situation.

·      Your agent should have a good knowledge of how home financing works. Most buyers take out a mortgage to finance their home deal. A good seller’s agent can salvage a deal if they’re financially fluent and well-connected with quality lenders. That’s why you should always ask a potential agent whether he or she is well-versed in the subject of home financing.

11 thoughts on “6 questions home sellers should ask before hiring a real estate agent

  1. I want to sell my home, but I know I need a real estate agent there to help me. I really like your suggested question on what to ask how the agent will market the home. I believe online, with good quality photos is the best way to market homes in 2017.

    1. Alice, you are correct. It definitely adds an edge to have the home displayed with good quality photos online where many do their shopping these days. I am glad you found our post useful and we are always happy to help!

  2. That’s a good point you make about how you should hire an agent that has plenty of experience under their belt and knows how to close deals. I’ve heard, too, that you’ll want to talk to past clients of the agent to see what kind of track record they have. I’ll be sure to keep this great information in mind as my wife and I try to find the perfect agent to help us sell our home.

  3. Considering that you usually want to sell your home for as much as possible, it really would help to take the article’s advice and find out how the agent plans to list your home. After all, you want to be comfortable with the price you list it at. However, you should never expect to sell for full price as most people will want to haggle you down regardless.

  4. I like that you recommend to ask the agent about their job experience. I can see why this knowledge would help you know if they can sell your house successfully or not. My wife and I have been talking about selling our house next year. I’ll have to make sure to ask this to the different agents we meet with.

  5. I appreciate your tips for hiring a real estate agent. We want to sell our home this year, and we definitely need someone’s help. I’ll definitely watch for someone who has a few years of experience.

  6. I am planning to sell my house within next few months. This info will really come in handy. I will utilize all your tips before I sell my home. I will definitely hire an experienced real estate agent who can help me and explain me all about market value and real estate. Appreciate your work..!!

  7. Thanks for the tips on hiring a good real estate agent. My brother is hoping to sell his home soon, and I thought I’d help him out a bit by doing some research. I’ll be sure to have him find someone who has a lot of sales under their belts.

  8. We’ve been thinking it would be good to hire a real estate agent, and I think that being able to ask about commission would be helpful. I’m glad that you talked about asking how much you’ll be paying for the commission of the real estate agent, and seeing what you can find. I’m going to have to share this with my wife, and hopefully we’ll be able to find a good real estate agent and figure out commission! Thanks for the help!

  9. I’m looking at selling my home soon, and I’ve heard hiring a realtor could be helpful. I thought it was interesting how you mentioned that I ought to look at job experience before I hire an agent. Does the amount of experience an agent has translate directly as to how quickly my home will sell?

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