Q: Whats the catch?
A: No catch. We get rid of the waste other agents go through to get you to list and instead focus on selling your home. Hopefully your so happy that you tell your friends and family. Maybe even choose us when your ready to purchase your next home.

Q: I'm ready to list, now what?
A: Great choice! Click here to go to our listing page to begin the process.

Q: What markets do you service?
A: We currently operate in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. We plan to expand quickly so please check back often.

Q: Do you also help people looking to buy?
A: Yes. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a home.

Q: Will my agent be experienced?
A: Very. Our agents will on average sell 10x a traditional agent. This gives them much more experience to assist you.

Q: Is payment required upfront?
A: No. We get paid only after your home has been sold by us.

Q: Is my home listed on the MLS?
A: Yes. We are a full-service broker and our experienced agents will post your home on 200+ websites including MLS (MRIS).

Q: What happens if I find my own buyer while I am listed with Federated Realty?
A: If you find your own buyer and if Federated Realty is not involved in the transaction, you will not have to pay the $1,000 fee. We highly recommend you to keep our services in order for our experienced agents to help you with negotiations and with any questions you may have during the selling process.

Q: Is signage included?
A: Yes. We install signs generally within 48 hrs of an initial listing.

Q: Who provides home pictures?
A: We can either recommend a professional photographer with whom we have worked with or you are free to take your own pictures and send them to us.

Q: Do you do open houses?
A: No. Evidence suggests that open houses are typically conducted to promote the agent conducting the open house or used to recruit your neighbors' listings.

Q: How do I get a lock box?
A: We mail you a lock box at no cost to you.

Q: Do I pay the buyer agent commission?
A: Yes, although we're working to fix that side of the industry too. For now we recommend 2.5-3% commission to attract buyers.

Q: Is the agent with whom I will be working with experienced?
A: Yes. Our agents complete more deals in a single month than typical agents do in one year.

Q: Will I be able to meet my agent?
A: Yes, we will be more than happy to invite you into our Arlington Office

Q: How do you sell my home?
A: Our talented agents will work together to successfully sell your property. Our marketing team will create a customized approach to finding the perfect buyer for your home. Your listing will reach thousands of potential buyers with our guaranteed combination of online marketing and long-lasting partnerships with hundreds of local agents.

Q: Would I still be responsible for the Buyers Commission?
A:Yes, we recommend offering a buyer’s agent 2.5-3% commission

Q:What is the cancellation policy and what are the fees?
A:There is absolutely no cancellation policy and if you would like to cancel with us, there are no fees!

Q: I have more questions how do I get more answers?
A: Visit our contact page by clicking here. We are always happy to help answer any questions you have.