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Save thousands by not paying a percentage-based listing commission

You want to sell your home, but

Don’t want to pay a listing agent

3%? You have come to the right

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We sell your home.

We use technology to market your home

Selling a home is about exposure

to the market and we use

technology to attract more buyers

at less of a cost. Our Agents are

able to provide maximum exposure

on over 200+ websites including

MLS, Zillow & Trulia. We use both

traditional and modern techniques,

while at the same time sending you

a post outside your door for local


Cancel anytime without penalties and pay nothing until we sell your home

We are so confident that we will sell

your home quicker and for a fraction

of the cost, that we will charge you

absolutely nothing until we find you

a buyer. You can cancel with us

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Nicole V. / Bristow VA

"Finding Federated Realty was an answer to prayer!!! What an amazing company!! We have used Realtors in the past and Federated Realty stands out from the rest! We are so happy we found this company! Everything is professional from start to finish...."

Salman L. / Great Falls, VA

"I just sold my old townhouse through Federated Realty, apologies to all my other Realtor friends, but the HUD-1 said it all when I closed and saved $14,000! Give them a try for yourself."

Albert M. / Herndon Va

"We had a great experience selling our home with Federated Realty. I was living in Herndon, VA with my wife and newborn. I recently got a new job in DC and had to move closer into the city.  I saw an advertisement and decided to call and get more information..."

Kevin C. / Rockville, MD

"We sold our house in two days, had 5 offers, got above the asking price, and saved $17,000! Its honestly amazing how they don't charge the 2-3% like every other real estate agent we talked to."


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